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    I guess this goes in the "Lounge"?

    But here is an example of what I am doing in the West Tennessee area for NASSA Silhouette Youth Programs. Tennessee Sports foundation has a 4H Archery interest meeting the same day.

    Unfortunately I have been told that 4H in Tennessee, is a solid NO as far as any shooting sports. I have tried for 4 years......
    So Tennessee Sports Foundation will just take it on our own.

    The idea right now is to hold NON sanctioned Air Rifle matches / practices with plenty of opportunities for coaching. on Thursday afternoons. Once a month to start with.
    3rd Thursdays at 4:00pm if your interested.

    Feel free to rip off my ideas and get youth and their parents involved in Silhouette.

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    Chuluota Sportsmen's Club (FL) has been running a local youth program for the past 4 years. Its nothing fancy, strictly local, but intended to bring young shooters ( and parents) into shooting sports. Runs 5 Sundays for about 2-3 hours. Club provides .22 rifles with peep sights. 18 youngsters started last month. This Sunday (4/2) will be the last session, and ends with Hope and I setting up a mock silhouette match. Hopefully more than a couple (and parents) will come back the following week for the club's regular Silhouette Sunday.