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    Setting up my first rifle for silhouette, going to use a Sightron target dot scope 30mm. Notice in pics a lot of shooters are using really high rings. My rifle is a rem 700 action, where is the best place to get your hipower rings as they seem custom

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    Welcome to setting up your first rifle. A good number of shooters use rings From Moore Accuracy and small bore shooters are discovering the quality of D3 rings sold on eBay. If you are not shooting a custom stock with a high comb you may not need extremely high rings.
    The ring saga goes somewhat like this. In a perfect world for a off-hand marksman your elbow would sit firmly on your hip bone, your rifle firmly and comfortably on your support hand with the butt firmly in your shoulder pocket and your head comfortably erect peering perfectly through your scope. If you are built for those things to occur and stay within the confines of Silhouette Rifle rules you are a lucky human. So the search to get as close as possible to those things begins. Many shooters end up with a custom Silhouette stock with a high comb, low toe, and high rings.
    For starters set yourself up with a ring height most comfortable for you with your current rifle. When opportunity allows handle other shooters rifles and build towards mimicking the one best suited to you. As your experience and preferences grow you will likely find yourself making a few changes that best suit your tastes and style. If you are like many of us keep all the rings you amass along the way. If they are not the best choice today they may be tomorrow.

    Wayne Byers


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      I failed to mention that the rifle has a Wooster stock , getting it from another competitor that doesn’t shoot the caliber any more. It has a high comb. Thanks for the info, thanks form the info it was a very explanation


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        Unfortunately, ring height is a VERY personal thing... You basically have to experiment with height till you get it right.

        When everything (LOP, ring height, cheek weld, scope placement for/aft) is all correct for YOU, the rifle should be shouldered, feel comfortable and the scope light up as soon as you bring it up. If you have to roll your shoulder/twist your head/straighten your neck or scrunch down.... your fit is wrong.

        Experimentation is the only way to find out. Everyone is different...

        Rimfire tip off, Peter Deals rings are the bomb. Period. Their are other nice rings obviously but his are on a different level.

        Centerfire action, there are several manufactures that do good work. Good luck.


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          Do not forget the scope ring blog in the NASSA Wigger Technical Library for some good info:


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            I ordered ultra high rings and a sightron target dot scope for my rem 700. Will let you know when I get it set up


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              Helpful page.


              The guy from D3 Precision can make just about anything you could need. And he shoots Silhouette.


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                Looks like d3 is out of stock right now