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    So, things went reasonably well for me at the TX state high power match. (Only my second HP match ever and the first with my own rifle.)

    My main goal was to hit a 20/40 for each of the three matches. I managed a 20 and a 17 on Saturday (Hunter rifle), and another 20 on Sunday (Standard rifle) which gave me first place A-class for both rifles.

    My rifle fit me reasonably well, although I still need to make a few minor changes. Rang two rams, one on each day. I was spotting for Chris Cawthorne and he rang three in one match with the same Berger 115's bullets including a high butt hit and a high shoulder hit.

    The biggest issue I was having was my body's subconscious anticipation of the recoil resulting in the majority of my misses going low (dipping forward/down by bending at the waist). It seemed like when my brain told my finger to trip the trigger the rest of my body was listening in and tensed up for the recoil.

    I'm guessing this is just an experience thing and that I need to get more practice time under my belt, but I don't know for sure. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get my subconscious to settle down and behave I sure would like to hear them. I will need a lot of work between now and Nationals in eight weeks!

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    It was nice meeting you at the TX HP championship. It was my first HP match and I suffered the same recoil anticipation affliction. I caught myself several times and judging by my number of low misses, many more times I did not catch myself. Hopefully someone will post an approach to a possible cure.

    Jake gave some follow through guidance that was helpful. He suggested I concentrate very hard on following through. Stay focused on looking through the scope through the recoil process and return to your target still looking through the scope to finish the follow through sequence. It helped.

    With the same 115gr Burgers fired from a 6GT I lost 0 Rams during the match at about 2730 FPS. I also hit so few that measuring the success rate is probably not prudent.

    It was a great setting at the host range. I’m more familiar with wind, dust and brown as the general vegetation color. Green, moist and very little wind was a nice change. Watching a live Turkey walk in front of the steel Turkeys during a shoot off made for a memorable experience as well.
    Wayne Byers


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      Any of y'all ever use airsoft rifles? I had other issues with running a match and trying to shoot the match. I've been dry firing, but I can't realistically shoot a pellet rifle at my place. I was thinking about an airsoft rifle with the idea that trigger time is trigger time.