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  • He's just a baby!

    I marked a small milestone tonight... loaded my first rounds of 6BR ammo. Actually, loaded my first rounds of anything ever!

    I need to get my powder tests done for both loads (Berger 95's for C, P, & T; Berger 115's for Rams), then seating depth tests for both.

    I only have three open weekends between now and the Texas state championship because we've got the CBC in Pe Ell in two weekends and the Louisiana state smallbore/air rifle championship the weekend after that.

    My friend and shooting partner, Chris Cawthorne, has been helping me collect all the right components and reloading gear, as well as coaching me through the process in order to get up to speed. Thanks Chris!

    Gotta get my [poop] together if I want to make a half-decent showing at Nationals this year.

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    Another recruit to HP Silhouette. Way to go Allen!!!!!


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      6BR is a great cartridge for a reloader. While I don't shoot HP Silhouette, I do use the cartridge in a prone rifle. As described by another shooter, "it is boringly accurate". Another shooter told me that he's gotten over 20+ firings out of his cases and that they were still going strong. Very easy to find a good load, and easy on the recoil, too.


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        I just posted a mini-report and posed a question about training for HP over in the "Training" forum...