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Solid Options - Cartridge and load choices

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  • Solid Options - Cartridge and load choices

    Always a fun topic and helpful for shooters deciding on a HP rifle cartridge. My choices are based mostly on choosing from my own research and preferences towards minimal recoil. Hopefully we get some input from folks with a long track record of HP silhouette competition.

    6GT - I barreled a rifle for this cartridge based on the success of the 6BR. Talking with friends in the sport it seemed 6BR is getting the job done with 115gr bullets going 2725-2750’ish. It was also reported that this is the struggling ragged edge of performance for the BR. The 6GT will achieve the same performance recipe with a leisurely effort making life less stressful for brass, primers and firing pin holes​​​​​.

    6.5 TCU - Never would I have thought this cartridge could give admirable performance at the distant rams. With heavy high BC bullets lumbering along its establishing itself as up to the task. Cheap brass, sips powder and about the least recoil possible and still be competitive with hit targets falling. This is the cartridge of one of our HP silhouette rifles and I believe for the convenience and simplicity will be the cartridge for both very soon. I have buckets of .223 brass so that savings alone made the barrel seem almost free. That was my sales pitch when someone said didn’t you just go with the 6GT? Besides a match just last a few hours. Thinking about cartridges, load development and dreaming of how good its all going to work last forever.
    Wayne Byers

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    We have now used the 6.5TCU through the National matches and the Oklahoma Regional Championship. At this point the cartridge has had zero failures to fall including rams hit all over the place. We could do a better job of hitting more animals but the cartridge does its job of downing animals with minimal recoil. According to the JBM recoil calculator our loads are generating around 4.3 pounds of recoil energy for CPT and 7.0 for Rams.

    I would suppose a 25 or 6mm TCU could work out well also. For anyone attracted to low recoil and cheap to free brass the TCU family may be worth considering.

    Judging from our experience so far with the 6.5TCU and shooting loads in unformed brass Im starting to believe that a 6.5-223 would work. This would eliminate the concern of forming brass. If I where doing it again that’s where I would start.
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    Wayne Byers